• your classes from anywhere.
    StudentSpace provide to colleges and universities a space online where they can manage and host their classes.

Our features

Our features are designed to provide an innovative yet complete "in-class" experience to both the professors and the students.

Easy Access

Hosting or attending a class is as easy as navigating to our website and loging in. No downloads required.

Live class

Classes can be pre-recorded or be hosted live.

Organize your topics

Professors can highlight the current topic of discussion on a pre-recorded class or on a live class.

Discussion board

A discussion board is available for each class so students can ask questions and help eachother during or after a class.

How it works?

In just four quick steps, StudentSpace ensure that teachers are able to Host/Upload their classes and students are able to attend their classes

Teacher's process

  • 01

    1. Sign Up

    Teachers sign up and complete their profile.

  • 02

    2. Create classes

    Teachers create the classes that they want to teach through StudentSpace.

  • 03

    3. Invitations

    Teachers invite the students to join their class on StudentSpace.

  • 04

    4. Upload/Host class

    Teachers either upload pre-recorded videos of the class or go live to host the class.

Student's process

  • 01

    1. Sign Up

    Students sign up to StudentSpace and complete their profile.

  • 02

    2. Invitation

    Once logged in, students will accept their invitation to classes from their teachers.

  • 03

    3. Watch/Attend classes

    Students will watch pre-recorded classes or attend classes that are being hosted live.

  • 04

    4. Participation

    Students can participate by either asking a question or interacting with other students on the discussion board.

The Problem

Some of the problems that we want to solve

Due to the impact of the COVID-19, many organizations and business were forced to migrate their services online in order to continue to operate. As for educational institutions, Colleges and Universities went fully remote and had to teach classes online. Within a short period of time, institutions had to find the best tools to provide to both their professors and students in order to be able to teach online. In the midst of all this, they were faced with problems such as:

  • Teachers are using multiple different tools to try to accomplish one task
  • Most of the tools being used are not tailored for online classes
  • Some of the tools are very expensive and complex
  • Some tools are not secure

Our Solution

A solution that is tailored to your needs

StudentSpace is an all-in-one platform providing to both professors and students a space where the professors can manage their classes and the students can be engaged in their classes. Our solution to bring the multiple pieces together. Some of those pieces includes:

  • An immersive video conferencing tool tailored for professors to be able to teach as if they were in class
  • A realiable and highly secured platform
  • A class management feature for professors to manage their classes
  • A discussion board per class for students to interact and participate in a class

Our Integrations

A few of your most used applications integrated with StudentSpace

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